Color psychology revolves around the idea in which a wide spectrum of hues influences human behavior and perception. Associations we make with colors seem to limit wider possibilities of perception, discovery, and thus, thought.

Red is regarded as a color that presents a paradox in which its charged symbolism lies on polar ends of the spectrum. Implications of invigorating life, pulse, and passion stand on one, while danger anger, and blood stand on another.

The purpose of these shots is to entertain the idea that meanings behind colors could very easily be synonymous with anything we apply them to. By this, our influenced perceptions are no longer pre-determined as we preserve our power of interpretation to experience what we chose. Here, we emerge from the restrictive box that narrows down how we should interpret the world.

Through these images, I aim to dismantle the restrictive boxes in color psychology that disable colors from presenting opposing symbolic forces at once. Red is a paradox- charged with hate, anger, and blood- but likewise, orbits characteristics on a polar opposite spectrum- love and compassion. Fusing these, we abandon the one-dimensional way in which we view the world.