Notions of progress and development orbit a deceiving mindset in which societal webs must consume in order to prosper, develop, and grow. Despite this, a uniting consciousness has gained strength against the myth of progress. At a steady pace we begin to unveil the inner workings of the logic as destructive and counter-intuitive on various levels.

Zooming in, we shall explore this idea concretely. For means of pure entertainment, Hollywood has been thriving on the prediction of an apocalyptic world. Let us note the irony in which wealthy and ‘cultured’ actors and actresses illuminate a theory that take us back to our primitive roots- survival of the fittest.

Likewise, formerly underdeveloped countries such as India and Vietnam are undergoing a visible metamorphosis. Landscapes representing rich culture have now shifted towards industrial landscapes. Factories, blood and sweat begin to creep alongside ancient temples- symbols of religion and heritage.

Despite the alarming issues at hand, it seems as though economic agendas, and less obvious representations in popular culture have indulged in the thought rather than acted upon it. Let us note the counter-intuitive motion in which, a growing awareness of our planets fragility has likewise set its destiny in stone. Doomsday is approaching, and there is no turning back.

Here is where we diverge from a determinist perception of the world. Through a different lens, we shall acknowledge the strides and accomplishments towards sustainability that have been made over the past century. In order to continue propelling forward in shifting our paradigm, we must acknowledge and act upon the transition towards a sustainable way of life. Indulging in an apocalyptic mindset will hinder the progressive strides.

Through this animation, we shall view the apocalypse as the Mayans had- not the fall of the Earth but rather a new beginning. It begins with the last man on the planet, left to observe an abandoned zoo, quickly accompanied by alien figures that abduct him to the abundant Zotzo planet. Despite the planets fruitfulness, he does not feel intrinsic to the community- it is not his planet. After constantly chasing Earth, he finds himself on a new version of Earth that thrives on sustainability and community- a societal web that connects with nature on an intuitive level, treating their resources with the utmost respect and gratitude.