Globalization today has enabled the vibration of information across vast distances, including the stories regarding the mystic Ayahuasca. As a result, the most potent hallucinogen in the world is undergoing a massive phase of commercialization. As her face lurks out of the shadows, ayahuasca becomes increasingly familiar- but for the wrong reasons. This is not to say that their exists a web of curious Westerners aware of the medicines context and potential- but it is to spotlight the fact that they remain a minority. Towering overhead lies a mass of individuals waiting for their next high. Little do they know the dangerous effects if not prepared adequately, or without intention- including vomiting for hours on end, which I myself have witnessed.

These indigenous Amazonians have remained in contact with the brew, as well as the traditions and legends that orbit its essence for centuries. Knowledge from their ancestors has trickled down through time. In essence, the legend is as follows: the Banisteriopsis Caapi vine and the Psychotria vine once called to the intrinsically connected inhabitants of the Amazon, and by fusing the two- ayahuasca was born. “She”, as they refer to the feminine brew, is far from solely providing one with an 8 hour trip. On the contrary, it is an intense healing journey that mirrors the metamorphosis of a seed evolving into a tree- its roots, or essence, deepen into your core being the longer time goes by. Months after ingesting the brew, it continues to fill certain wounds and uncap blocks to unleash suppressed potential, ambition, and callings.

Here, I speak from experience. Preparing for the ceremony lasted about two months prior- removing sugars, salts, and certain foods from our diet, as well as waking up daily to practice Tai Chi and other exercises. In this, one could note how this is not a simple preparation for a thrilling trip, but rather a preparation to shift ones life.

When treated with the utmost respect, knowledge, and intention, the brew can assist one to evolve into their most clear-minded self. Hopefully one day, the western web of individuals that understand her potential will expand.