Vocalizing from a birds eye point of view.

Nested in privilege. Unveil the reality behind the masses that have been intentionally blurred from your field of vision.

A monster manifested by one-dimensional digital constructs.

Infiltrating through your skin.

Designed to mirror your worst nightmares.

A web of meticulously carved pathways create an illusion of freedom. Strings attached guide their motions. They walk- but never freely.

Labeled stamps pierce through their skin- an indefinite shadow.

A mirror, a reflection, a creation of two. Divided realities. Divided truths.

From the time of our birth, our environment has influenced the sculpting of our perceptive framework. We have observed and absorbed a particular web of behaviors, values, and ideals that have derived from our circumstances, and continue to guide our modes of being. Here lies a hint of agency in which, once we are conscious of the latter, we have the ability to take the reigns and alter our circumstances in order to have an equal amount of influence over our web of being.
Despite this, let us face the fact that forms of our perceptive abilities are pre-determined by the legacies implanted prior to our birth. By this, I refer to the bubble of individuals destined powerful and admirable as a result of the physical factors they have carried on from their ancestors. Functioning parts, symmetrical faces, towering legs, pale skin- these babies await a peaceful life. They will be able to comfortably stroll pass the magazines and the news stands, as those on the front page mirror the attributes they obtain. Their environment subconsciously pats them on the back, reassuring them that they are supposed to look this way. They won the genetic lottery.
Through this animation, we shall explore a hypothetical world in which these biologically encoded ‘ideals’ are reversed. A role reversal scenario is presented in which todays ‘minorities’ of the genetic lottery are the ones that are actually seen as more attractive- in every sense of the word.
By doing so, we shall dive into a parallel world in which history is reversed. The absence of colonization has refrained Westerners from establishing positions of power, and setting ideals for beauty. Indigenous individuals, people of color, and other ‘minorities’ are admired, as their elements of culture and tradition rise, reflecting a wave of beauty in every sense that has never existed due to ingrained stereotypes.
This animation was inspired by the rise of nationalism we face today. ‘Minorities’ in the media today are represented as further alien to us, creating a distance in which we are intended to feel more civil, although this paradoxically influences us to feel less humane and empathetic. Let us acknowledge this in order to remove the gap in the notion of a pure bred society.